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Try out Pegase Motorbike GPS tracker

Riders motorbikers/ August 30, 2021/ Uncategorised/ 0 comments

A key characteristic of motorbike addiction is to have all the latest quipment and that’s me down to a T. I’m always on the lookout to make my bike look good and be as performant and as sophisticated as possible. The GPS Pegase tracker is just that – sophisticated in the sense that my normal bike becomes a connected bike

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SUZUKI GSX-S1000 new roadster around £11,000

Riders motorbikers/ September 16, 2021/ Uncategorised/ 0 comments

Meet this new Monster of a motorbike specs : Euro5 compliant Quickshifter Bigger tank capacity auto-blipper bodywork design more aggressive than ever futuristic mono-focus LED lighting Would you own it ? Available since this summer, we are all very tempted here at Moto Media 😉 https://www.suzuki-moto.com/