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A key characteristic of motorbike addiction is to have all the latest quipment and that’s me down to a T. I’m always on the lookout to make my bike look good and be as performant and as sophisticated as possible.

The GPS Pegase tracker is just that – sophisticated in the sense that my normal bike becomes a connected bike as it is equipped with an anti-theft GPS tracker. Not only does it offer protection but I have a record of my road trips via my smartphone.

Why choose this product for the first test of this blog ?

Well I didn’t want to bore you with the latest helmet or jacket I tested out and as I am a great believer in GPS trackers for motorbikers I thought I’d have my findings on testing the “Pegase Moto” GPS tracker.

But… what exactly is a GPS tracker for motorbikes ?

Pegase Motorbike GPS Tracker unboxed !

At first glance of the box it’s not easy to see what the product is until you look behind :

Pegase Moto GPS Tracker : how it works ?

A connected motorbike regroups several technologies in one piece of equipment : simple, compact, autonomous.

The Pegase Moto tracker is commercialised by a company named SMT Performances. It has a GPS chip to track the motorbike, a speedometer to detect movement, an autonomous battery, so it can work independently of the bike one, finally a GSM with its own SIM card to transmit data autonomously.

Thanks for the technical information but what do I gain from it ?

Have a look at the list below :

  • Anti-theft GPS : sends an alert to your mobile phone if a suspicious movement is detected on your bike .
  • An automatic roadbook : find all you routes instantly.
  • Real time geolocalisation : check at any moment where your bike is, if you’ve leant it or if someone close wants to know where you are.
  • An automatic stopwatch : to check your times on the track or in motocross.
  • Analysis of your driving performance on the road or on the track : lets you see your speed, leaning into the bends, acceleration and braking at any time during your ride.
  • To sum up : this device provides fun features along with more serious ones.

Let’s remove the packaging and discover Pegase Moto.

I ordered my Pegase from the manufacturers site and even if there were photos, I didn’t expect it to be so small :

Contents of the Pegase Moto GPS tracker package

Contents of the box : Pegase Moto is smaller than my business card and is only 1.3cm thick !
Pegase Moto GPS tracker and its individual elements :

  • Rapid installation guide
  • Protective packaging
  • Connecting cable from the box to motorbike battery
  • 2 velcro fixation pads
  • 2 Pegase Moto stickers
  • Pegase Moto GPS tracker itself

As we can see below, the Pegase Moto GPS tracker is smaller than a credit card, to give a better sense of scale compare it with the 1 pound coin !

A Pegase Moto connected device next to a credit card and a pound coin

So you have a small black box similar to those found in aircraft which is really easy to install on your bike !

It took me just 2 minutes. I connected the cable on the battery without having to disconnect everything.
As it’s in the shape of a “U” you can slip it around the battery terminals that you unscrew a little. It’s an excellent feature because disconnecting the battery means reinitialising everything and losing info about trips and so on.

Once the cable is attached, guide it to the place reserved for the box which is placed flat as in the instructions.

Here’s a setup picture I found to help you with the installation I won’t show myself in action as where I place my Pegase Moto is secret !

A Pegase Moto connected device under the motorbike seat

Proud of myself, I went to the App Store and installed the Pegase Moto application (available on Android too). Just download, keying in the code on the box and everything is ready – well almost ! The app will then say “To activate Pegase, you must go for a ride”.

A bit frustrating maybe but there is a reason behind it : a tracker must have something to track before it can show any information. So what was I waiting for… Let’s burn some rubber as sunset falls over the countryside. A few moments later I whipped off my leathers as quickly as possible to check out if Pegase Moto tracker could show up my route and this is what I saw :

Screenshot of one of my trips with the Pegase Moto app

Speed detail of a particular spot of my trip with my motorbike thanks to the Pegase Moto app
  • Acceleration/braking
  • Speed per hour
  • Instant speed
  • Speed average / minimum / maximum
  • Duration / section duration
  • Distance
  • Time beginning / time ending
  • Departure
  • Arrival

It also gave me info about my speed at each stage of the ride as well as my average and maximum speed.

It’s great to be able to compare the speeds of different trips.

If you like cruising with a gang of mates avoid going crazy on the open roads – go to a circuit and let off steam there. Pegase can be used as a stop watch ! Look at the next set of screenshots

Lean angle detail of my driving with Pegase Moto app

Distance covered / Total distance / Lean Angle

Already all the speed info was really useful but I can also see where I accelerated, braked and how I took the bends. It really comes into its own on the circuits where this kind of information is crucial to progress.

Note that the indicated speeds on the Pegase are inferior to those on my bike speed counter especially over 70 m.p.h where there is a 10-15% difference.

Anti-theft function of the Pegase Moto

For me this was the main reason for buying the box. The alert can be activated on the application and disactivated , if you want, when you come back to your bike (just like a house alarm – or your can leave on all the time).

The motorbike when left outside a pub or parked near the supermarket is on silent alarm. You get a notification on your mobile if the bike is moved or interfered with.

In the case of the bike being stolen you can track in real time where it is being taken to and hopefully recovered.
These are the typical cases when your receive alerts :

A suspicious movement has been detected. Press to locate your bike.

Alert anti-theft
Follow the route taken
Disactivate the alert. Cancel.

In practice it works well. The alert can come after a few seconds to a minute which is acceptable.

The sensitivity of the anti theft alert cannot be be modified. A slight knock on the tyres would not set off the device. If someone got on the bike it would set off one out of two. However after simulating a real theft, ie by forcing the neiman or lifting the bike , the alert would go off every time.

At first I was a little bit disappointed as I would have liked the alert to set off at the slightest knock. But then I remembered my house alarm which was so sensitive it rang for the slightest movement and in the end, I disconnected it as I knew it was a false alert with this reasoning Pegase Moto fulfils the anti theft expectations admirably.


When i want to know other consumer experiences (when purchasing from Amazon for example) I always look at the negative comments first. So with that in mind, let’s look the negatives I observed with this device.


  • Sometimes the device starts to record my route only after I have gone a few miles. Nothing serious in itself. But just so you know…
    It seems to happen on the typical home work to me route and I wonder if it’s not due to the fact that I don’t give the device time to get going, because on a longer outing when its had time to warm up there was no problem.
  • The autonomy is excellent as it has its own internal battery which charges up on the motorbike battery. However after a certain time, (the manufacturer speaks of several weeks) the device and thus the anti theft function cuts out in order not to deteriorate the motorbike battery. However in my experience even after 3 weeks without having used my bike I tested the anti-theft device and it worked well. I imagine as a precautionary measure it’s best to charge up the battery every month if not in use, especially to protect it from theft.


The qualities can be found on the Pegase Moto official website but here they are :

  • The quality is excellent. The product was devised and is manufactured in Europe. At risk of loosing my guarantee I opend it up and checked the quality of the circuit and its certainly not a Chinese import !
  • Pegase works without subscription fees. It seems to be the only company which doesn’t ask for membership fees for the integrated SIM card. That is a real plus for me, it’s freedom : no monthly payments to keep track of.
  • Simplicity and installation & daily use : when I was given the box I thought “This isn’t for me, I’m no good at DIY so I won’t use it”. But no – there is one cable to link up and that’s it. No USB connection, no bluetooth, nothing.

The device manages itself all the data which I can consult on my app.

After 2 months use of Pegase Moto, I highly recommend it and am fully satisfied. What are you waiting for, try it for yourself !

A final detail : the price.

At 299 euros, VAT and shipment included, Pegase could appear a little expensive but in actual fact there are no hidden extras like subscription fees or additional options (in a lot of cases I’ve seen an additional charge for a circuit breaker of the integrated battery, but not for Pegase)

I think the price is justified.

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